Ryan Moser

Application developer. Cloud Engineer. Entrepreneur.

What I Do

I am a full-time Cloud engineer. Certified by the Linux foundation. I build applications using many languages, whichever fits the need of the application the best. I work on my own projects ranging from robotics to P.O.S. systems. I'm always looking for new opportunities and love to broaden my horizons. I have worked on several start up projects and enjoy working in small teams. My diverse experience has made me an expert in problem solving and improving existing applications and techniques


Who I Am

I am a Penn State graduate, from the college of Information Science and Technology. I genuinely enjoy my field and feel privileged to have had experience in many different aspects of technology. I have always had an engineering mind; I can never leave anything well-enough-alone. I am a naturally curious person, I enjoy solving problems and learning. There are not many things that are uninteresting to me. So if you have a project or opportunity that you would like to discuss, feel free to reach out!


Contact Me

New Ideas? Looking for advice? Feel free to get in touch.